Cambridge Crescent

Cambridge Crescent

Services Provided

Shahada certification
Literature suitable for New Muslims
Social events for new Muslims
Islamic education / study groups / circles
Prayer pack (Prayer guide, mat, scarf etc)

Facilities for

Both men and women - non segregated

Prayer facilities for women


Support provided by

Imam male
Scholar male


Cambridge Crescent has been offering support through monthly meetings where we drink coffee share stories, read books about classical Islam and spirituality, discuss the practical realities of what it means to live a British muslim life within the rich cultural diversity of the 21st century world. Cambridge draws people from the entire globe, whether for work and, or studies we try to welcome everyone for the short time they may spend here. Whether you are passing through or settling we look forward to sharing some time with you learning about you and hope that during your time here you will find friends and companions along your journey. We do not try to preach or teach rather welcome and embrace you into the community of people who come together seeking God.

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