Islamic Diversity Centre

Islamic Diversity Centre

Services Provided

Shahada certification
Literature suitable for New Muslims
Buddy/ mentor
Social events for new Muslims
Spiritual retreats
Islamic education / study groups / circles
One to one help with learning
Outreach - Empowering individuals and organisations
Prayer pack (Prayer guide, mat, scarf etc)

Facilities for

Men only
Women only
Both men and women - segregated
Both men and women - non segregated

Prayer facilities for women


Support provided by

Scholar male
Scholar female
spiritual advisor


Islamic Diversity Centre The Islamic Diversity Centre is a North East based organisation that aims to provide authentic Islamic Awareness in a holistic manner through education, awareness, engagement and empowerment. The organisation strives to challenge stereotypes and remove misconceptions about Islam through education and practical implementation, based on the authentic teachings and understandings of the Quran and Prophetic traditions. The Islamic Diversity Centre looks to empower Muslims in the community to increase their confidence in not only practising and remaining firm and steadfast in their Islam (41:30), but also to be able to educate others (41:33) and engage in righteousness (41:34) to help remove the many misconceptions people may have about the beautiful teachings of the religion. Empower: It is imperative for the Islamic Diversity Centre to ensure a safe journey through Islam for all new converts (reverts), who have chosen to embrace Islam as their way of life. We use our unique mentoring programme, education classes and social integration sessions to achieve this. The Islamic Diversity Centre is dedicated to providing support to new Muslims/reverts, offering the services required to make their journey and transition into the religion easier and to make sure they feel welcomed into Islam.

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