Islam Awareness Project

Islam Awareness Project


Services Provided

Shahada certification
Literature suitable for New Muslims
Buddy/ mentor
Social events for new Muslims
Spiritual retreats
Islamic education / study groups / circles
One to one help with learning
Prayer pack (Prayer guide, mat, scarf etc)
Open days, seminars, exhibitions

Facilities for

Both men and women - segregated

Prayer facilities for women


Support provided by

Imam male
Scholar male
spiritual advisor


Islam Awareness Project – IAP IAP aims to support and educate New Muslims in their new faith and welcomes those who are interested in Islam. To encourage revert sister to enhance their relationship with Allah and enable sisters to embrace their faith with firm foundations of Islam. We do this by providing: • Weekly study circle with crèche in the East London Mosque • Social activities • Iftar and Eid gatherings • Befriending scheme • Open days for the local community • Seminars In a warm and friendly environment, we share essential knowledge and wisdom to help new Muslims along their special journey. Together, we study the simple message of Islam, the inner and outer aspects of prayer, charity and manners. We also find the time to listen to personal challenges sisters are going through and explore options... Every week, curious, new seekers of truth attend and most begin their journey into Islam with us

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