Introduction to the Convert Care Website

  Wednesday, 01 September 2021

This website has, by Allah’s permission, come to fruition to help you the new Muslim and those interested in Islam, by providing easy access to a network of convert care providers.


Why is convert care important?

Many new Muslims find it overwhelming and confusing trying to sift through the mountains of knowledge provided by different scholars, social media, websites, and the vast array of videos and books available.

Connecting with a support group will help you navigate this minefield and give you a solid soundboard to ask questions. If the support group is local to you then even better as you can connect personally and establish new relationships to help you on your journey.

You will most certainly find benefit and a comfort in support from others who have a shared experience.


Convert Care Network


There are many organisations providing support to new Muslims and we want to ensure that you find them!

We also recognise the advantages of partnering with organisations and shared best practice.

Our aim is to have all the masjids and the independent support groups providing top quality convert care that is easily accessible.


We really do pray that this website is the gateway to finding lasting and meaningful support in this, the most precious and blessed journey in your spiritual awakening.

The Convert Care Team

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