Masjid Al Ikhlas - Cambridge Islamic Centre - Cambridge Muslim Trust

Services Provided

Shahada certification
Literature suitable for New Muslims
Buddy/ mentor
Social events for new Muslims
Personal crises support / counselling
Islamic education / study groups / circles
One to one help with learning
Outreach - Empowering individuals and organisations
Prayer pack (Prayer guide, mat, scarf etc)

Facilities for

Men only
Women only
Both men and women - segregated
Both men and women - non segregated

Prayer facilities for women


Support provided by

Imam male
Scholar male
spiritual advisor


Alhamdu lillah, Masjid Al Ikhlas and Cambridge Islamic Centre is the result of a local community project to provide essential services to the local muslim and wider community and to complement the existing masjid; it was undertaken in consultation with the muslim community and local service providers, such as social services, the city council and education and health services. Alhamdu lillah, development of a second floor is ongoing, for expansion of the masjid building and for provision of a variety of services; this includes a refurbished kitchen area with coffee bar, new multi-purpose space for taught classes, mother and toddler, youth and special interest groups, consultation and dedicated janaza rooms as well as brand new wudhu and washing facilities for both brothers and sisters, together with adequate space for jumu'ah prayers. Alhamdu lillah, the masjid is open during this development and provides some of the facilities mentioned; once the project comes to completion more will become available, with the permission of Allah subhanahu wa t'ala.

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